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African constitutional courts

Unified digital platform for African constitutional courts, under the auspices of the Egyptian Constitutional Court.

Project Brief

Egyptian Constitutional Court.
Unified digital platform for African constitutional courts, under the auspices of the Egyptian Constitutional Court.
Conference of the Presidents of the African Supreme Constitutional Courts.
Services Provided
User experience design for a digital platform.

Minds, a leader in user experience design for websites and digital platforms, embarked on a transformative journey with the Egyptian Constitutional Court to create a unified digital platform for African constitutional courts. This ambitious project was unveiled at the Conference of the Presidents of African Supreme Constitutional Courts, with the Egyptian Constitutional Court providing its auspices.

The Challenge

The project faced a significant challenge from the outset. A previous party involved in the development of the digital platform had produced subpar and unprofessional design, lacking a solid foundation in user experience. With tight delivery deadlines and the conference date approaching, it was imperative to rectify the situation swiftly.


Minds demonstrated exceptional efficiency by initiating the implementation phase promptly. Within one week, three platform concepts were developed, with one concept receiving high praise from the Egyptian Constitutional Court. Rigorous testing was then conducted, adhering to scientific and practical principles, ensuring the highest caliber of user experience design. This phase's success led to collaboration with the designated implementation partner.

Added Value

Minds went beyond providing services by collaborating closely with the Egyptian Constitutional Court to elucidate the platform's design methodology and underlying concept. This presentation received acclaim from conference attendees, including the former US Attorney General, and distinguished international constitutional organizations. This recognition underlines the significance of the event, which marked Egypt's inaugural African international representation following the June Revolution. The outcomes were expected to be of the utmost distinction, befitting Egypt's stature and its efforts to reaffirm its leadership role in the African context.

The former US Attorney General expressed a keen desire to meet with Minds' CEO and the team, extending heartfelt appreciation for their exceptional efforts and excellence in platform design.

Platform Overview

The unified digital platform aimed to create a centralized repository housing the constitutions of all African nations in their native languages. It facilitated comparative analyses among African constitutions, streamlined research, and enhanced information accessibility. The platform also fostered seamless communication among African advisors within the realm of African constitutional courts and provided access to scholarly resources, audio recordings elucidating constitutional content, and a virtual arena for the exchange of perspectives and insights.

Results and Impact

Minds successfully completed the project within an exceptionally swift timeframe, surpassing global standards. This achievement underscores Minds' expertise as a specialized and highly professional firm dedicated to delivering top-tier User Experience (UX) services. Minds stands as the exclusive company in Egypt capable of offering such services at a significant scale, commanding a substantial presence in the market.


The collaboration between Minds and the Egyptian Constitutional Court culminated in the creation of a groundbreaking unified digital platform for African constitutional courts. This platform not only met but exceeded expectations, serving as a testament to Minds' commitment to excellence and innovation in user experience design. Minds' remarkable achievement not only addressed the immediate challenges but also established them as pioneers in the field, ready to shape the future of user experience design on a global scale.