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Digital Egypt

Digital transformation of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Project Brief

Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Digital Egypt Project, which is the Egyptian digital services platform.
Digital transformation of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Services Provided
Design Services, User Experience Service, Requirement Writing, UI Front End.

After our remarkable success with the Unified African Constitutional Courts Platform project, executed under the auspices of the Egyptian Constitutional Court, Minds was entrusted with a monumental task—the Digital Egypt Project. This national endeavor marked Egypt's inaugural step into digital transformation, with the potential to reshape all government services, foster cost savings, and create a unified and user-friendly platform for every Egyptian citizen.

Minds, in collaboration with six major technology companies, including industry leaders like Microsoft and IBM, embarked on this groundbreaking project.

What does digital transformation mean for countries and for Egypt specifically?

For a nation as significant and substantial as the Arab Republic of Egypt, digital transformation signifies an all-encompassing journey toward modernization. It involves the migration of manual government services to automatic, unified, and easily accessible services for all Egyptian citizens.

The project's ultimate objective was to create a centralized platform that streamlines all government services, providing a one-stop-shop for citizens, boosting efficiency, and reducing operational costs. This was a strategic move that had the potential to profoundly reshape the nation's public sector.

The Challenge

Considering Egypt's immense needs and diversity, we faced the formidable challenge of designing a digital platform that could cater to the varied requirements of its citizens while ensuring inclusivity.

The Our Role and Deliverables

Minds assumed the crucial role of providing design services, user experience design, UI front-end, requirement writing, gathering, analytics, and management. We also established a UX Design Center of Empathy.

Our Comprehensive Methodology

We meticulously designed a comprehensive plan tailored to Egypt's specific needs. This entailed a phased approach, beginning with meticulous requirement gathering and analysis to ensure a deep understanding of the existing systems, processes, and pain points. With a clear vision, we embarked on the journey towards transformation.

Our approach was built on precision and collaboration, marked by robust research on Egyptian citizens from all walks of life, persona analysis, comprehensive design services, usability testing, users' journey mapping, visual design, development collaboration, accessibility, inclusivity, user training, and a commitment to continuous improvement. ​

So, how we do it. The process.

Our approach was a testament to precision and collaboration. It was characterized by meticulous planning and the following user experience (UX) design steps:

The process

User Research and Empathy Building

We began with extensive research on Egyptian citizens, developing detailed personas and deeply understanding their needs and challenges.

Describe People

We started by describing and understanding the diverse needs, perspectives, and expectations of Egyptian citizens.

Build User Scenarios

These scenarios allowed us to envision how citizens would interact with the platform and underpin our design decisions.

Develop Information Architecture

Building on our user research, we established a robust information architecture that streamlined the access to government services.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Visualizing our concepts, we used wireframing and prototyping to create tangible representations, enabling iterative refinement based on user feedback.

Usability Testing

Rigorous usability testing, involving actual users, ensured that the platform was intuitive and responsive.

Users' Journey

We charted comprehensive user journeys to optimize access to government services, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

Visual Design

High-fidelity designs brought our concepts to life, delivering a visually appealing and accessible interface.

Development Collaboration

Collaborating with development teams ensured that our designs were translated into a seamless user interface.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Our unwavering commitment to inclusivity guaranteed that the platform was accessible to users of all abilities.

User Training and Documentation

We equipped citizens with user training and comprehensive documentation, empowering them to navigate the platform effectively.

Continuous Improvement

Our journey didn't cease at launch; we remained dedicated to continuous improvement to meet evolving citizen needs.

The Final Result

The end result was nothing short of remarkable. The Digital Egypt Project achieved exceptional success, heralding a momentous qualitative shift in the country. The newly established digital platform not only provided citizens with streamlined, accessible government services but also paved the way for substantial cost savings, marking a pivotal moment in Egypt's digital transformation journey. This project has set the stage for even greater advancements, underlining the significance of digital transformation for a country as vital and promising as the Arab Republic of Egypt.

In conclusion, Minds' pivotal role in the Digital Egypt Project exemplifies our dedication to transformative innovation and our commitment to helping nations leap into a digital future. We are proud to have played a part in reshaping Egypt's government services and look forward to more opportunities to make a lasting impact in the realm of digital transformation.

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